Things to see, visit, do and explore in Plettenberg Bay situated along the Garden Route in the Western Cape, South Africa, Africa

Things to see in Plettenberg BayThings to see, do and explore in Plettenberg Bay

When it comes to things to see in Plettenberg Bay, there are plenty of things to see, do, visit and explore in this beautiful town aptly dubbed "The Jewel of the Garden Route".

Harkerville Farmers Market

TIMES: Saturday 8am-12pm

ENTRANCE: Free WHERE: N2 Harkerville.
Harkerville Farmers Market in Plettenberg Bay A delightful farmers market that happens every Saturday in Plett. Fresh farmers produce, delicious foods, clothing, hand made goods, semi-precious stones, books, holistic goodies and so much more.
harkervillemarket.co.za Cell: 084 510 9939

Old Nicks Mid-Week Market

TIMES: Wednesday 10am-2pm

ENTRANCE: Free WHERE: N2 - Old Nick Village, 2 kms from the Market Square.
Old Nicks Mid-week Market A delightful farmers and home made goodies mid-week market every Wednesday at Old Nicks Village in Plett. Fresh farmers produce, delicious foods, hand made goods,  books, music and much more. There is a coffee shop and restaurant on site.

The Possessional Stone

TIMES: All ENTRANCE: Free WHERE: Corner of Hopwood and Meeding Street
The possessional stone erected in 1778 by Van Plettenberg of the VOC In 1778, The Governor of the Cape of Good Hope, Baron Van Plettenberg of the VOC visited the Bay. Deciding to name this bay after him-self, he erected the possessional stone of the Dutch East India Company on the hill that overlooks Central Beach. It can still be viewed today and it looks down over the old timber store. The Stone has recently been restored. There is a beautiful lookout point here as well.

The Old Timber Store

WHERE: Meeding Street
The Old Timber Store in Plettenberg Bay  In 1786 the Dutch East India Company contracted Johann Jacob Jerling to build a Timber Shed for storage of the timber. Today the remains of the Old Timber Shed can be found in Meeding Street. The remains have been partially restored twice. It is one of the oldest buildings in Plettenberg Bay and was declared a National Monument in 1936. Permissions have been received to restore it again in 2014.

The Old Rectory

WHERE: Cnr of Bull and Meeding Street
An old picture of the Old Rectory as it stood many years ago, it is one of Pletts oldest buildings  The complex was originally two separate structures linked by a yard with a cookhouse. The buildings were constructed in 1789 by the VOC (Dutch East India Company) as barracks for troops stationed in Plettenberg Bay. In the early 1900s the barracks, cookhouse and yard were combined to create a single, large T-shaped building. Close by is a rough outbuilding, the School House, and the Old Timber Shed built for the VOC by Johann Jerling in 1788. The Old Rectory has now been immaculately restored and recreated into an intimate 5 star boutique hotel. Parts of the old rectory have been preserved nad can still be viewed in the rebuilding of this historical monument.

The Navigational Beacon

WHERE: Beacon Island Hotel Gardens
The Navigational beacon in Plettenberg Bay  The navigational beacon was first erected on the Beacon Island in 1771. The original one was a square block of stinkwood, inscribed with the latitude and longitude of Plettenberg Bay, and was erected to enable mariners to check their location. It was replaced by a stone one by Captain Sewell in 1881 and can be seen in the Gardens of the current Beacon Island Hotel.

First Recorded European Habitation in South Africa

TIMES: Mon-Fri ENTRANCE: Free WHERE: Municipal Offices.
First evidence of European occupation in South Africa  In the winter of 1630 a large Portugese ship the São Gonçales broke up in a severe storm while anchored for repairs off Robberg Beach. All that were on board during the storm perished. About 100 others that had been encamped on the beach, became South Africa’s first recorded European inhabitants. They built small boats which enabled them to depart nine months later, but they left behind porcelain and other relics that are now on permanent public display at the Municipal offices.


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